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Mar 4, 2013 10:00am PST
as loyal as a subaru. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. thank you orville and wilbur... ...amelia... neil and buzz: for proving there's nowhere we can't go. but, at some point... giant leaps gave way to baby steps... and with all due respect, you're history. if you taught us anything, it's that you can't cling to the past... if you want to create the future. that's why, instead of looking behind... delta is looking beyond. pushing u.s. aviation to new heights. all 80 thousand of us. busy investing billions in the industry's boldest moves. it's biggest advances in technology. bringing our passengers the best, the most spacious fleet in the sky. and earning more awards than any other airline... to show for it. so rather than simply saluting history... we're out there making it. so i used my citi thankyou card to pick up some accessories. a new belt. some nylons. and what girl wouldn't need new shoes? and with all the points i've been earning, i was able to get us a flight to our favorite climbing spot even on a holiday weekend. ♪ things are definitely looking up. [ male announcer
Mar 6, 2013 4:00pm PST
raised my son to be careful... hi, sweetie. hi, mom. (mom) but just to be safe... i got a subaru. (announcer) love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru. bob will retire when he's 153, which would be fine if bob were a vampire. but he's not. ♪ he's an architect with two kids and a mortgage. luckily, he found someone who gave him a fresh perspective on his portfolio. and with some planning and effort, hopefully bob can retire at a more appropriate age. it's not rocket science. it's just common sense. from td ameritrade. hi, i'm ensure clear... clear, huh? i'm not juice or fancy water. i've got nine grams of protein. that's three times more than me! [ female announcer ] ensure clear. nine grams protein. zero fat. in blueberry/pomegranate and peach. how did i know? well, i didn't really. see, i figured low testosterone would decrease my sex drive... but when i started losing energy and became moody... that's when i had an honest conversation with my doctor. we discussed all the symptoms... then he gave me some blood tests. showed it was low t. that's it. it was a number -- not just m
Mar 2, 2013 11:00am PST
) but just to be safe... i got a subaru. (announcer) love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru. many hot dogs are within you. try pepto-bismol to-go, it's the power of pepto, but it fits in your pocket. now tell the world daniel... of pepto-bismol to-go. >>> of all the government offices being hit the hardest, the pentagon is getting hit the hardest. it's explained how it's going to affect the wars, troops, and civili civilians. >> reporter: this room few get to see. now it's where military officials are making plans to cut $46 billion from their budget. >> effective immediately, air force flying hours will be cut back. >> if you stop training for a while and you're a combat pilot, then you lose your rating and eventually can't fly at all. >> reporter: here's what's already happened. the pentagon warned their 85 million workers to expect furloughs and instant hiring freeze. curtailed building maintenance. they halted the deployment of the "uss truman." the army will cut training time for most soldiers. i can lead to a delay of deploying troops to afghanistan. >> we'll have to make a decision
Mar 9, 2013 11:00am PST
'm overprotective. that's why i got a subaru. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. [ male announcer ] why do more emergency workers everywhere trust duracell...?? duralock power preserve. locks in power for up to 10 years in storage. now...guaranteed. duracell with duralock. trusted everywhere. but at xerox we've embraced a new role. working behind the scenes to provide companies with services... like helping hr departments manage benefits and pensions for over 11 million employees. reducing document costs by up to 30%... and processing $421 billion dollars in accounts payables each year. helping thousands of companies simplify how work gets done. how's that for an encore? with xerox, you're ready for real business. ...and we inspected his brakes for free. -free is good. -free is very good. [ male announcer ] now get 50% off brake pads and shoes at meineke. >>> hello again, i'm fredericka whitfield. you're in the "cnn newsroom." a look at our top stories. parts of massachusetts, the coast there starting to clean up after a winter storm slammed the northeast. this house looks as if it will ti
Mar 8, 2013 6:00am PST
, sweetie. hi, mom. (mom) but just to be safe... i got a subaru. (announcer) love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru. [ female announcer ] roc® retinol correxion max. the power of roc® retinol is intensified with a serum. it's proven to be 4x better at smoothing lines and deep wrinkles than professional treatments. roc® max for maximum results. >>> top stories. get your top stories right now on cnn. a strong jobs report is fueling wall street this morning, the unemployment rate dropped to 7.7%. government says 236,000 americans got jobs last month. construction and health care were two of the bright spots in the report. the dow is up on the news. how much more can we take? >>> look at this dramatic video from plum island, massachusetts. massive storm surges have collapsed a home into the ocean. the house came down on to the rocks at about 9:00 this morning. its foundation had been washed away by the storm. there there are no reported injuries. the home was unoccupied. but it shows just how fierce the storm is. >>> the central intelligence agency preparing for its new director, john brenn
Mar 7, 2013 6:00am PST
but the but not a car. subaru is calling 47,000 cars with remote starters because the engines hand tart on their own if you drop the key. the recall is on 2010 and 2013 outbacks and 15 cross vehicles from 2015 saying the carbon monoxide is a risk if it starts in a garage. look at your utility bills if you are trying to save money. comparing what you pay to rent versus buying or comparing cell phone bill do what you pay for a prepaid plan can save you a lot of money. comparison pricing service says 90 percent of people overpay each month for phone, cable, electricity, and gas. an expert recommends trying to renegotiate with the cable company every six months. >> on wall street, we are keeping an cry on the stress tests on the big bangs and how healthy are they. this was designed by the government to come out this afternoon. the dow and s&p and nasdaq looking good, all higher, so another record high there for the dow today. and bloomberg silicon valley index is trading higher. i don't know if purdue will make it to the ncaa tournament but that is not the only one watching the game. the survey drop fou
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Mar 8, 2013 10:00am PST
. ♪ i'm overprotective. that's why i got a subaru. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. >> it was a typewritten note that they said they got off of his computer. and the note started by thanking ime for giving him every opportunity to succeed and he was sorry he did not meet their expectations. that was my first sense of joy as a mother to know, my son did not write this note and i knew in my heart at that point he was murdered. he did not take his own life. >> alisyn: those are the parents of shane todd on america live just one week ago today. shane was the young american engineer whose mysterious death in singapore has sparked calls for an international investigation. he was found dead inside his overseas apartment after claiming that chinese spies had tricked him into revealing sensitive u.s. technology information and now senators max baucus and john testler from montana are urging the fbi to get involved in the case and america's top diplomate secretary of state john kerry is taking notice. and tony schaeffer is a u.s. army veteran and senior fellow for the center
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Mar 2, 2013 3:00pm PST
's start with the sports car. >> this is a subaru brz. "consumer reports"'s top pick in the april issue for sporty car. more fun to drive than you can imagine. >> rick: what makes it so fun to drive? >> one of the reasons, 200 horsepower, 4 cylinder engine, manual transmission for people that love to drive. that's a real bonus. >> arthel: that's when i was thinking, you got a stick. >> it's got a great balance with a front engine, rear wheel drive ain't gresssive seats hold new place. you can not drive this car and not have a grin on your face. >> arthel: is it good on gas? >> it is. 30 miles per gallon overall. really does it all. as long as you don't have to drive through a snow storm, you'll do great. >> rick: what's the deal with the snow? tires? >> into the a lot of weight over the rear tires. summer time vehicle or if you live down south. really fun to drive. >> arthel: if it's good for summer, is there any trunk space in there? maybe enough for a bikini? >> you can fit a couple duffel bags in the trunk. anyone that you really like, you don't want to put them in the back seat unle
Mar 7, 2013 7:00am PST
says no crashes or injuries have been reported from the problem. >> subaru is recalling more than 47,000 cars and suvs with lodestar is because thetart on their own. the recall affects all legacy at outback are some 2010 to 2013 model years. also covered are the impreza from 2012 and 2000 turf13 and the exit the cross the trek from 2013. sibari said that if the key fall is dropped it can out function start the engine. >> the lower will run four to 15 minutes, but could continue to start a stock of the car of bad debts or the fob battery dies fifth the cars are parked in garrote and there's a risk of carbon monoxide and build up. when >> 946 our top story the coverage continues of the procession and a memorial service were dissected elizabeth butler and a sergeant butch baker were killed and a landing gear in the moral get underway at now and procession is continuing at this hour as a thousand of officers will be attending along with friends and family. and those of us to pay respect to the to of all losses. the h-p pavilion in san jose is where this get underway. mike pelton as li
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9